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Who Are "Cooks For LIFE"?


Founded by CULINARY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA grad AARON SHAUN BRENNAN, we are the only association of chefs and cooks dedicated to the defense and betterment of the preciousness of each and every human life.  Our members honor and give thanks for the individual and unique gift of every person formed in the reflection and likeness of God.  Inspired by the love of God, we desire to share our culinary talents to help those religious workers who serve the cause of guarding and improving human life.  Our leadership team is made up of all-volunteer cooks and chefs enthusiastic about service.

Give a sister or priest
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Our Philosophy Of Culinary Gift Service


Our nonprofit culinary mission is carried out by the ongoing assistance our members provide to religious order members in need of rest through member donations of

* non-perishable foods for the pantry

* fresh produce, fresh breads, or fresh dairy products

* usable left-overs or prepared meals 

* gift cards/online shopping and

* monetary donations.  

In particular, pro-life religious sisters, nuns, missionary priests, religious brothers, seminarians, and lay missionaries who are on leave from their labors are the ones who receive the kitchen and pantry gifts generously provided by our membership.